Pathway to a Coffee Pro

At our training center, we offer a wide variety of workshops, classes and educations across all aspects of coffee both for professionals and interested laypeople. The various workshops can also be combined at a later date to request certificates.

Workshops are one-day training events. These begin at 9:00 and end at 17:00 with a one-hour break. Workshops comprise different proportions of theory and practice. For all workshops, you will receive detailed documents.

Classes are combined workshops that extend over a total of two to four days. Owing to the global rise of specialty coffees, the coffee market has undergone drastic changes in recent years. Coffee is the new wine. Types, varieties, processing and origin are increasingly coming under the spotlight and attracting the interest of consumers.

To respond to this trend, Coffee Consulate is offering the CoffeologistEducation in five specializations which all share the basics of green coffee science and coffee sensory analysis.
These are taught in the first 6 days, the CoffeeConnoisseurEducation. In the second 6-day block, different specializations can then be chosen, which offer the main focuses "Craftsman" (coffee preparation), "Roaster" (coffee roasting), "Technician" (coffee technology), "Entrepreneur" (coffee company) or "Farmer" (coffee cultivation).
Thus, the training for coffee specialists with its various specializations covers the entire coffee value chain.
All training and advanced training courses can be obtained as a block or by participating in the individual workshops. For all training courses and advanced training, examinations can be taken with certificates.