Training and Educational Materials

To conduct our workshops, we have developed different training and educational materials, which are constantly being supplemented and expanded with new subjects. The CoffeeBasics Poster Set, the AromaWheel, the FlavourProfile, the RoastingProfile and the TasteKit are buliding a solid base. The training materials are distributed worldwide to coffee and barista schools and can also be ordered online. In our download section we also provide many useful documents and information.
Set containing 16 mats for supporting trainings with stimulus-, recognantion-, difference- and saturation-tests. Perfectly suited in addition with tests for single or multiple substances of the AcidKit.

Language: English
The CoffeeBasics teaching and training poster set covers 12 subject areas across the world of coffee. From the origin of coffee to roasting green coffee. The subject areas are presented in detail with images and info-graphics in a clear DIN A1 format. The following graphic provides an overview of the poster.The posters are suitable for training purposes, as display items or as information boards and come in a practical size for illustrating the various coffee subjects areas. The route taken by coffee from its country of origin to the hands of a roastmaster can be easily traced via the precise explanations, commentaries and descriptions, providing an ideal central thread for all types of training and information events.Details: 12 coffee subject areas on strong poster paper (135 g/sq m) in DIN A1 format.The 12-piece poster set contains the following posters:Botany & originCultivation & yieldHarvestWet millingProcessingDrying & hullingExport processingCoffee bagsRoasting processRoasting profilesDefects in raw coffeeSize classification for green coffee

CoffeeBasics AromaWheel
Language: English
Describing aromas of coffee and espresso roasts is important yet difficult. The Coffee Consulate AromaWheel is a fantastic aid for objectively describing aroma groups and their intensities.It provides an overview in eleven aroma groups, divided into subgroups, allowing roasted coffee to be clearly described. Details: The AromaWheel is available as a poster in DIN A1 format in English, German, Spanish and Dutch.Korean, Russian, Danish and Chinese are in development.Associated flavour profiles are available for download on our website in the following languages:– English– German– Spanish– Dutch– Danish– Russian– Trad. Chinese

CoffeeBasics Worldmap
Language: English
All coffee cultivation countries at a glance in DIN A1 format. Besides the countries of origin, the coffee WorldMap also shows exported volumes of green coffee and the most cultivated species in each country. Details: The WorldMap is available as a poster in DIN A1 format in English or German.

This Set helps to identify different typs of defects in green coffee. It constis of 18 samples of different defects.Details: Layer 1Layer 2Black BeansSour/Brown BeansDark Green BeansQuakerUnripe BeansFaded BeansEaten BeansWell Eaten BeansBleached BeansMalformedShells Broken Beans ParchmentPodHuskStonesTwigsPulper Cuts

Individual tin of green coffee contents: Various screens PeaberryDifferent varieties (Mocha, Cautai, Gesha...)Various provenances (Africa, Asia, Latinand South America...)

Layer 1 contents:Layer 2 contents:Coffee cherries (natural)Parchment coffee (pulped natural)Parchment coffee (semi washed/fully washed)Coffea arabicaCoffea canephoraCoffea libericaDefects arabicaDefects canephoraMonsooned CoffeeMaragogypeArabica peaberry Canephora peaberry TipicaBourbonConillonBrazil naturalBrazil pulped naturalAmber

GreenCoffeSampleSet (empty)
Wooden box with two-layer foam inlays with nine recesses each, to fill yourselfThis set is delivered without any content and can be fill by yourself with custom screens of various green coffees.

Set containing 16 mats for supporting trainings with stimulus-, recognantion-, difference- and saturation-tests. Perfectly suited in addition with tests for single or multiple substances of the TasteKit.

Tin for GreenCoffeeSampleSet
Variation: 1 Dose
This metall cup can be filled yourself with green coffee. The cups fit to the GreenCoffeeSampleSet.