"KaldiAward" - Award for scientific work in the coffee market

Legend has it that the Abyssinian goatherd Kaldi discovered the effects of coffee. This story is common throughout the coffee industry. Legend has it that he discovered the effect of the fruit and its stimulating properties over a thousand years ago. His goats had eaten the berries from the coffee bush and then jumped around very excitedly and were unusually active.

Since 2016, the "KaldiAward" will be presented to people who have made a significant contribution to a better understanding of coffee or to the improvement of coffee through scientific work. The award is presented by Coffee Consulate. The decision on the award is made by an international, independent jury of experts.

The prize is awarded in the following categories

Lifetime achievement
Award for a person's life's work / lifetime achievement in the service of science for coffee

Green coffee (cultivation & processing)
Award for special achievements for scientific findings in the green coffee sector

Award for special achievements for scientific knowledge in the field of roasting

Award for special achievements for scientific knowledge in the field of coffee preparation

The jury for the KaldiAward is composed of representatives of the international network of Coffee Consulate.



Lifetime achievement
Richard von Hünersdorff [Great Britain]
Research and creation of the basic work "Coffee - a bibliography

Green Coffee
Dr. Flávio Meira Borém [Brazil]
Development of modern protective packaging for green coffee

Ram Evgi [Israel]
Thermodynamic roasting drum with perforation

Enrico Maltoni [Italy]
Collection Enrico Maltoni (Mumac)


Lifetime achievement
Ennio Cantergiani [Switzerland]
Research for the identification of roast aromas

Green coffee
Dr. Kenny Lee Wee Ting [Malaysia]
Commitment to information and preservation of Liberica coffee

Prof. Dr. Matthias Rädle [Germany]
Research on the identification of roast aromas by Raman spectroscopy

Bjørn Møller [Denmark]
Development of an automatic coffee brewing machine for all filter and Frenchpress process-es


Lifetime achievement
Anita Vietri [Switzerland]
Collection Anita Vietri

Green coffee
Dr. Björn Schäfer [Germany]
Creation of the „Internationalen Erhaltungssammlung Kaffeevarietäten“ (International protec-tion collection of coffee varieties) in the botanical garden of the Wilhelma in Stuttgart

Rolf Kammerer [Germany]
Development of the Tyboon infrared roaster

Dr. Jörg-Rieke Zapp [Germany]
Development of the RS-16 intense extraction glass filter