Coffeologists - a global network

Educated Coffeologist

Here you will find an oversight of participants who completed the CoffeologistEducation successfully.

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Educated Roaster

Here you will find an oversight of participants who completed the RoasterEducation successfully.

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Certified Coffeologist / MasterCoffeologist

Here you will find an oversight of participants who completed the Certification to Coffeologist / MasterCoffeologist successfully.

Certified Coffeologist / MasterCoffeologist Oversight

 „The CoffeologistEducation gave me the turbo boost to get started in the coffee business. Over the 11 days, I not only gained new, indepth, scientific knowledge on all aspects of coffee beans, I was also able to widen and deepen my previous knowledge. With this broad foundation and the confidence I gained, I was ready to open my own coffee roasting house. Successfully!“ 
Stefan Dachale, Master Coffeologist / Mókuska Caffè

Coffeologists have an overview of the entire coffee value chain, from cultivation and roasting to the prepared drink or roasted coffee. This allows them to integrate the roles and responsibilities of persons working in the individual segments of the coffee sector and to facilitate higher-level collaboration. The intensive course also allows participants to make contacts that they will use throughout their professional careers. The global network of Coffeologists, who come from all areas of the coffee sector, currently comprises more than 200 Coffeologists from 25 countries. Each Coffeologist is an expert in one area of the coffee industry and has a specialization. Coffeologists are coffee farmers, cup tasters, trainers, roasters, coffee technicians, coffee shop operators and baristas.
Coffeologist meetups and regular additional events as well as exchange platforms and social media channels bring Coffeologists and Coffee Consulate together, allowing them to actively help each other along on a wide range of issues. The CoffeologistEducation is not only held in Mannheim but also internationally with licensed partners, enabling continuous training and development worldwide. Continuous professional development is a founding principle for Certified Coffeologists and Master Coffeologists. Coffee Consulate provides first-hand information in this regard, from presentations by roasters, coffee technicians and coffee farmers to symposiums and advanced training on plantations in producing countries.

„The CoffeologistEducation and the pathway to becoming a master has given me a well-founded entry into the world of coffee. The scientific approach to the course provides a frame of reference and working methodology that shapes you and protects you from dangerous and widespread superficial knowledge.“
Mark Czogalla, Master Coffeologist / Bonner Kaffeeschule