RS16 Intense Extraction POMFilter


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Product number: RS16-POM-Rot
RS16 Intense Extraction POMFilter


Coffee Consulate presents a new method of manual coffee brewing: The RS16 is designed for single-cup brewing with 16 g of coffee for 200 ml of water (80 g/1 l).
The filter's design facilitates optimal flavouring of the coffee since the flavour-carrying coffee fats are not retained, creating more intensive aromas and reinforcing mouthfeel. The result is a pure, intensive and balanced cup with pronounced haptics.
Each RS16 POM filter is manufactured from a single piece of food grade POM (polyoxymethylene).

The geometry and surface characteristics of this RS16 coffee filter create a uniquely balanced extraction with an emphasis on the natural sweetness of the coffee.

With the RS16 POM filter, you will experience your favourite coffee in a new taste dimension and intensity.

The proven RS16 geometry ensures balanced extraction and an impressive taste experience for every coffee lover.
A brewing station and cup holder are also available in the shop.

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