Sensory Aspects

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EspressoSensors To describe espresso sensory and to professionally taste different roasts, roasting profiles and coffees are aims of this workshop. Price 250,- € Register now Duration 1 Day Max. participants 8 participants Ratio Therorie: Practice 30 : 70 Workshop-category Sensory Contained in – Further Workshops Espresso, DefectCuptasting, RoasteryBasics Detailed program 09:00 – 11:00 Theory and structure …

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DefectCuptasting The recognition and differentiation of defects in coffee are the focus of this workshop. Where do the defects come from and how do they affect the flavour profile? Price 250,- € Register now Duration 1 Day Max. Participants 12 participants Ratio theory: Practice 80 : 20 Workshop Category Coffee Contained in – Further workshops …

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Information on aroma theory, working methods and descriptors. Instruction on various descriptors and classification of main and subgroups.

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Instruction on influencing variables in cup tasting and their impact on the flavour profile depending on disturbing factors.

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Sensory Aspects of Coffee

Sensory fundamentals for describing coffee and teaching sensory methods. Influences and impacts on taste.

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