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Ausgebildete Coffeologen:

Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht aller Personen, die die CoffeologenAusbildung erfolgreich absolviert haben.

Adler, Lisette Germany  
Adler-Sass, Anna Germany  
Aliahmadi-Stenkamp, Shahram Germany  
Amann, Florian Austria  
Atac , Hüseyin Germany  
Aung, Sai Okkar Myanmar  
Aygültekin, Coskun, Coskun Germany  
Bachert, Eric France  
Bachmann, Marko Germany  
Backhausen, Birgit Germany  
Baumann, Frank Germany  
Bay, Jörg Germany  
Becker, Andreas Germany  
Becker, Dirk Germany  
Beltrán Rodríguez, William Columbia  
Berner, Richard Germany  
Berner, Robert Germany  
Biedermann, Stella Germany  
Billmann , Martin Germany Certified
Bonn, Verena, Verena Germany  
Borrmann, Andreas Germany  
Bosch, Anja Germany  
Brandenburg, Anne Germany  
Brandenburger, Kirstin Germany  
Brandmaier, Herbert Germany  
Brandmaier, Susann Germany  
Brandner, Gabi Austria  
Brandt, Benjamin Germany  
Brauch, Christopher Germany  
Bressani, Edgard A. Brasil  
Brun, Charles Switzerland  
Brunelli, Giorgio Switzerland  
Bujard, Olaf Germany  
Caballero, Marcelo Bolivia  
Cansi, Engin Germany  
Cantergiani, Ennio Switzerland  
Celebre,  Corrado Germany  
Chan, Kai Yu Hongkong  
Chen, Xiusen China  
Chen, Yen Chu Taiwan Certified
Choo, Young-Min Korea  
Conrad, Monika Switzerland  
Cords, Christoph Germany  
Cotti, Christa Switzerland  
Crößmann, Carsten Germany  
Czogalla, Mark Germany Certified / Master
Dachale, Stefan Germany Certified / Master
Damm, Natalie New Zealand  
Dammer, Annika Germany  
Deglmann, Inge Germany  
Dietz, Natalie Germany  
Dr. Lee Wee Ting, Kenny Malaysia Certified / Master
Dr. Tittelbach-Helmrich, Dietlind Germany  
Dressler, Stephan Germany  
Eangchoun, Kittipop Thailand  
Eberhard, Caeser Switzerland  
Edelmann, Miranda Mexico  
Edelmann, Tomas Bruno Mexico  
Ehlers, Ulrich Germany Certified / Master
Elger, Sabine Germany  
Esser, Max Germany  
Eydner, Sven Germany  
Fath, Anna Mexico  
Feichtinger, Christof Germany  
Feistritzer, Christoph Austria  
Feldmann, Eva Germany  
Feyel, Laura Germany  
Fischer, Anne Germany  
Flükiger, Karin Switzerland  
Franzenburg, Tatjana Maria Germany  
Freudiger, Anita Switzerland  
Frey, Nicole Germany  
Fuchs, Melvin Germany  
Gebauer, Patrick Germany  
Gennar, Jeanne Belgium  
Gjurcinoska, Maja Germany  
Grieger, Christoph Germany  
Grüssinger, Michael Germany  
Gutting, Ulrich Germany  
Gutting-Schuon, Elke Germany  
Hahn, Torsten Germany  
Hameister, Wulf Germany  
Hammerschmidt, Gerald Germany  
Han, Cheon-Koo Korea  
Han, Kyung-Su Korea  
Hang, Tassilo Germany  
Harenburg, Maik Germany  Certified
Haubenthal, Kira Germany  
Hefti, Susanne Switzerland  
Hegi, Urs Switzerland  
Heidemann, Stefanie Germany  
Helbig, Oliver Germany  
Hemvijtraphan, Kulthida Thailand Certified
Hentzschel, Viktoria Germany  
Hernández Fujigaki, Arturo Mexico  
Hertecant, Nicolas Belgium  
Herzog, Sven Germany  
Ho, Chung Wai Hongkong Certified
Hoffmann, Kerstin Germany  
Höhne, Christine Germany  
Holiš, Oldřich Slowakia  
Hörr, Lisa Manon Germany  
Jang, Dong-Hean Korea  
Jauch, Andrea Germany  
Jongrakwittaya, Anuchit Thailand  
Jordan, Kristin Germany  
Jünger, Marcus Germany  
Junker, Christian Hongkong  
Kamonsawedkun, Janejira Thailand  
Kang, Jin-Gyu Korea  
Karner, Gerhard Germany  
Keller, Meret Germany  
Kern, Christiane Germany  
Kern, Stefan Germany  
Kim, Do-Young Korea  
Kim, Jin-Kyu Korea  
Kissling, André Switzerland  
Klein, Nadine Germany  
Klett, Ingo Horst Germany  
Klug, Brigitte Germany  
Koch, Maximilian Germany  
Köhnke, Anne Germany  
Kolender, Christine Germany  
König, Günter Austria  
Korzennik, Oliver Germany  
Krach, Oliver Germany  
Kress, Lars Germany  
Kujawa, Denis Germany  
Kwok Laam, Sally Hongkong  
Kwok, Rave Sun Malaysia Certified / Master
Laikin, Denis Ukraine  
Langen, Martin Germany  
Lanz, David Switzerland  
Lauel, Inge Germany  
Lee, Hyun-Jeong Korea  
Lee, Jeong-Sook Korea  
Lee, Me Korea  
Lee, Song Korea  
Lee, Yan Lam Hongkong  
Liakou, Stavros Germany  
Liebel, Markus Germany  
Lin, Yuping China  
Liu, Yu-Wei Taiwan Certified
Low, Tong How Malaysia Certified
Ludat, Jochen Germany  
Mach, Christian Germany  
Mammen, Rohan India  
Manirakiza, Jean Baptiste Burundi  
Martens, Sven Belgium  
Matussek, Joachim Germany  
Meier, Andreas Germany  
Meier, Marc Germany  
Meier, Pascal Switzerland  
Michaeli, Moritz Germany  
Minten, Frank Germany  
Møller, Bjørn Denmark  
Müller, Jörg Germany  
Muradi, Walid Germany  
Murnauer, Josef Modestus Germany  
Ndayishimiye, Jéremie Burundi  
Neyens, Luc Belgium  
Niederhauser, Lukas Switzerland  
Niessing–Mitterrutzner, Claudia Italy  
Niran, Tanapatkraiporn Thailand  
Nummer, Michael Germany Certified
Olszewski, Pawel Poland  
Otte, Markus Germany  
Özdogan, Bahadir Germany  
Pagano Scorcio, Nadia Germany  
Pagnia, Kristina Germany  
Pang Choon, Ming Singapur Certified / Master
Pannier, Gerald Germany  
Petersen, Ragna Germany  
Pouls, Paul Netherlands  
Prakobvanichkul, Piyarat Thailand  
Puccio, Alfonso Germany  
Purtschert, Patrick Switzerland  
Quintanilla Bellucci, Andrés El Salvador  
Radic, Sinisa Germany  
Rahm, Tamara Germany  
Rehn, Adriana Germany  
Reichert, Christof Germany  
Reichert, Lars Germany  
Reina, Mario Germany  
Rettig, Jens Germany  
Riesen, Adrian Liechtenstein  
Romanelli, Umberto-Antonio Germany  
Rovira, Juan Rodrigo Venezuela  
Rusdorf, Ute Germany  
Rutter, Steffen Germany  
Sabristova, Olga Germany  
Sahage-Schünemann, Marion Germany  
Sailer, Katharina Germany  
Santo, Angelina Germany  
Sass, Stefan Germany  
Schäfer, Carsten Germany  
Schauss, Marcel Germany  
Schemiger, Harald Germany  
Schindler, Thorsten Germany  
Schmidtpott, Marko Germany  
Schmitt, Megi Germany  
Schneider, Roman Germany  
Schranz, Micha Switzerland  
Schwarzmeier, Elena Germany  
Senti, Jann Switzerland  
Slowik, Jessica Germany  
Spalinger, Ernst Switzerland  
Stahl, Urte Germany  
Stein, Tanja Germany  
Steiner, Florian Germany  
Sterzer, Stefanie Germany Certified
Stratmann, Dennis Germany  
Straube, Katja Germany  
Suchaw, Thavornwongs Thailand  
Suriyaworakul, Parinada Thailand Certified
Symanzik, Rahel Germany  
Tacq, Steven Netherlands  
Tacq, Steven Netherlands  
Tank, Stephanie Germany  
Tanto Ndiz, Wilson Germany  
Taylor Dean, Wilson Canada  
Theobald, Matthias Germany  
Thielking, Felix Germany  
Thinnaratworakul, Nopadol Thailand  
Thomas, Julian Germany  
Tode-Gallinat, Stefanie Germany  
Tong, Lap Wai Hongkong  
Tsai, Chih-Ying Taiwan Certified
Tsai, Chih-Yu Taiwan Certified
Tsai, Hsing-Pu Taiwan Certified
Tschumi, Beat Switzerland  
Türk, Roland Germany  
Tzeng, Shiuan-Ye Taiwan Certified
Ulm, Anna Germany  
Van der Grinten, Myrthe Belgium  
Van Schoenwinkel, David Belgium  
Vassalli, Ivo Switzerland  
Vietri, Anita Switzerland  
Vogel, Rosmarie Switzerland  
Völlinger, Christine Germany  
Wagner, Jürgen Australia  
Weekers, Kim Belgium  
Welschar, Oliver Germany  
Wendt, Anne Germany  
Werle, Michael Germany  
Weyer, Elke Germany  
Weyer, Thomas Germany  
Willassen, Jon Norway  
Winckels, Ann Belgium  
Winkler, Michael Germany  
Winschel, Katrin Germany  
Wolter, Michael Germany  
Wong, Tsz Lung China Certified / Master
Woo, Sang-Eun Korea  
Wössner, Thomas Germany  
Xie, Junjie China  
Yang, Yichun China  
Yi, Sung-Woo Korea  
Yong , Chong Kong Malaysia Certified
Yonnameth, Kanya Thailand Certified / Master
Youngprapakorn, Kornvika Thailand Certified / Master
Yu, Jong-Kyu Korea  
Zemp, Willy Switzerland  
Zeuner, Lisa Germany  
Zhangh, Feifei China  
Ziegler, Nina Germany  
Zimmermann, Bianca Germany  

 „The CoffeologistEducation gave me the turbo boost to get started in the coffee business. Over the 11 days, I not only gained new, indepth, scientific knowledge on all aspects of coffee beans, I was also able to widen and deepen my previous knowledge. With this broad foundation and the confidence I gained, I was ready to open my own coffee roasting house. Successfully!Stefan Dachale, Master Coffeologist / Mókuska Caffè   Coffeologists have an overview of the entire coffee value chain, from cultivation and roasting to the prepared drink or roasted coffee. This allows them to integrate the roles and responsibilities of persons working in the individual segments of the coffee sector and to facilitate higher-level collaboration. The intensive course also allows participants to make contacts that they will use throughout their professional careers. The global network of Coffeologists, who come from all areas of the coffee sector, currently comprises more than 200 Coffeologists from 25 countries. Each Coffeologist is an expert in one area of the coffee industry and has a specialization. Coffeologists are coffee farmers, cup tasters, trainers, roasters, coffee technicians, coffee shop operators and baristas. Coffeologist meetups and regular additional events as well as exchange platforms and social media channels bring Coffeologists and Coffee Consulate together, allowing them to actively help each other along on a wide range of issues. The CoffeologistEducation is not only held in Mannheim but also internationally with licensed partners, enabling continuous training and development worldwide. Continuous professional development is a founding principle for Certified Coffeologists and Master Coffeologists. Coffee Consulate provides first-hand information in this regard, from presentations by roasters, coffee technicians and coffee farmers to symposiums and advanced training on plantations in producing countries. „The CoffeologistEducation and the pathway to becoming a master has given me a well-founded entry into the world of coffee. The scientific approach to the course provides a frame of reference and working methodology that shapes you and protects you from dangerous and widespread superficial knowledge.“ Mark Czogalla, Master Coffeologist / Bonner Kaffeeschule