High coffee quality can only be achieved through an in-depth understanding of the entire coffee value chain. Following the model of sommeliers and oenologists, we have developed a course for coffeologists to be representatives of the entire "bean-to-cup" process, whose knowledge and field of activity extends beyond that of a standard barista. 

The CoffeologistEducation uses a scientific approach to deliver intense knowledge of the cultivation, processing, botany, defects and their causes, sensors, cuptasting and coffee aromas as well as the fundamentals of barista work, roasting and management of coffee shops. 

This 12-day education program includes a written and practical exam. You will become a certified Coffeologist upon passing both exams. This will be an international recognition as your name will be listed on Coffee Consulate’s Board of Coffee Alumni, which indicates that you are scientifically trained to be fit for potential coffee-related careers, namely coffee technicians, roasters, shop managers, baristas, developers, trainers and executives throughout the coffee industry.


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Botanical and geographic influences on taste, presentation of various coffee provenances, tasting.

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German coffee bar market - Trends and outlook - Quality management

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The RoastingBasics workshop offers a theoretical and practical insight into the roasting process and procedures during the various roasting phases.

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Information on basic rules for the production of coffee drinks Production of different coffee drinks using various aids.

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Information on milk quality classes, milk tasting, correct frothing, micro bubbles, preparing cappuccinos and latte art correctly.

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Espresso - Grinding - Tamping - Extraction - Classic espresso drinks

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Preparing coffee using different methods. Which coffees and roasting depths are suitable for which method? What is important for each method of preparing coffee? How does the preparation method affect the taste?

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Information on aroma theory, working methods and descriptors. Instruction on various descriptors and classification of main and subgroups.

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Instruction on influencing variables in cup tasting and their impact on the flavour profile depending on disturbing factors.

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Sensory Aspects of Coffee

Sensory fundamentals for describing coffee and teaching sensory methods. Influences and impacts on taste.

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Botany, coffee species, coffee varieties (lines), origin, cultivation and dispersal

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Coffee cultivation from plant to storage.

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