The CoffeeCraftsmanEducation covers the areas of barista activities, the preparation of espresso, cappuccino (with latte art) and coffee drinks, as well as providing knowledge about the basics of roasting and the operation of coffee bars. The CoffeeCraftsman entails the practical skills and knowledge of the coffee chain, without going much deeper into the areas of sensory. The CoffeeCraftsman can, therefore, communicate to all barista and operating activities of the coffee chain and guarantee consistent operations and quality.

This 6-day education program may be part of the CoffeologistEducation and includes a practical exam. You will become a certified Coffee Craftsman upon passing the exam and will be credited towards the Coffeologist Certification if you wish to obtain it by completing, also, the CoffeeConnoisseurEducation.  This will be an international recognition as your name will be listed on Coffee Consulate’s Board of Coffee Alumni, which indicates that you are scientifically trained to be fit for potential coffee-related careers, namely baristas, shop managers, developers, trainers and marketing executives throughout the coffee industry.


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