Kaldi Award 2020

Artikel vom 2. Januar 2020

The KaldiAward is conferred every two years to four researchers, for outstanding achievements in scientific work and research in coffee. It is conferred by Coffee Consulate.

The award is granted on the basis of nominations received by a third party or on the basis of self-nominations. Researchers working at universities or research institutions worldwide are eligible to nominate candidates for consideration. Previous laureates and research institutions are invited to propose names as well. 

Laureates will be selected by a jury of seven members of the international Coffee Consulate network, The jury members will be appointed each term of office by Coffee Consulate. In order to cover all fields of science represented by the candidates, up to four associate jury members may be appointed jointly. The award ceremony will take place at Stuttgart Coffee Summit in Germany.

Jury KaldiAward 2020

  • Dr. Kenny Lee Wee Ting (Malaysia)
  • Ennio Cantergiani (Switzerland)
  • Kanya Yonnameth (Thailand)
  • Jeanne Gennar (Belgium)
  • Mark Czogalla (Germany)
  • Prof. Dr. Carmen Ablan-Lagman (Phillippines)
  • Dr. Wibke Kallow (Germany)