First Coffeologist Education in Malaysia

Artikel vom 14. Mai 2019

First Coffeologist Education in Malaysia

Coffeologist Education was conducted for the first time in Malaysia, of which, the six-day CoffeeConnoisseur and two independent MasterClasses took place in Kuching, Sarawak.

CoffeeConnoisseur is the theoretical part of the complete Coffeologist Education Program. Participants learnt from six modules (CoffeeProduction, CoffeeTaxonomy, SensoryAspects, CupTasting, CoffeeAromas, CoffeePreparation) in a natural science perspective.

On the other hand, the two Master Classes, namely Allelopathy and CoffeeMaturation touched on very advance and unique knowledge of coffee cultivation and processing.

We learnt from Allelopathy how different species of plants communicate and trade above and underground. These activities granted us insight to intercropping and how to utilise shade trees and various herbs, shrubs, and even creepers to enhance and modulate coffee flavours.

The other Master Class, CoffeeMaturation, had revealed, for the first time, results of a three-year coffee research conducted by Dr Steffen Schwarz of Coffee Consulate, funded by the German State Government. The study shows how the correct storage and special treatment of green coffee can prolong their shelf life, at the same time, enrich the flavour and body of the matured coffee.

The attribute of coffee as a commodity, allows it to be stored and traded internationally within a longer period of time. However, the specialty market tends to chase after the freshest lot available each year, creating bigger challenges to green coffee traders and coffee growers respectively around the world.

However, these new findings suggest that matured coffee can be better! This could be significant to the entire coffee chain, with its extensive impact on the value of aged coffee in the market and the way people treat and store their coffees.

In the face of climate change and coffee supply challenges, what we learn from these programs can be useful in making a change for the industry. Besides basic coffee knowledge, the content of the modules tends to revolve around a modern theme of sustainable quality. You will find consistent advocation for biodiversity, and creating an environmental-friendly coffee chain that we could all be a part in.