Stuttgart Coffee Summit Cuptastings

Artikel vom 8. Januar 2020

Stuttgart CoffeeSummit (15.02. – 19.02.2020)


Daily 11.30h

Coffee tastings with the farmers

Saturday, 15.02.
Fazendas Dutra, Brazil (Ednilson and Walter Dutra)

Sunday, 16.02.
Palthope Estate, India (B.B. Deepak Chengappa)

Monday, 17.02.
Finca Hamburgo, Mexico (Tomas and Tomas Bruno Edelmann)

Tuesday, 18.02.
Finca La Buena Esperanza, El Salvador (Andrès Quintanilla)

Wednesday, 19.02.
Fazendas Dutra, Brazil (Ednilson and Walter Dutra)

Nothing is as important as first-hand information. This applies to roasters as well as farmers – but also to the catering trade. At the FarmerCuptastings, farmers present various coffees (varieties, soils, processing styles) from their farm. They present their farm and a selection of the coffees they offer – in the process, the farmers receive valuable feedback on their coffees and the market. Nobody knows coffee and the possibilities of producing different tastes like the coffee farmers do.
Do you actually know your coffee farmer? Otherwise you now have the opportunity to get to know a farmer.