Borneo Coffee Symposium April 2019

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06.04.-07.04.2019 | Coffee Symposium, Liberica Roasting Competition

08.04.2019 | Coffeologist Meeting, Liberica Farm Visit, Cross-Species Coffee Cupping

09.04. – 14.04.2019 | 9am-5pm | CoffeeConnoisseurEducation by Dr. Steffen Schwarz

09.04.-10.04.2019 | 6pm-9pm | MasterClass: Allelopathy by Dr. Steffen Schwarz

11.04-12.04.2019 | 6pm-9pm | MasterClass: CoffeeMaturation by Dr. Steffen Schwarz

The very first Borneo Coffee Symposium

For the first time in Sarawak, this symposium will gather coffee scientists, researchers, farmers, plantation owners, international coffee graders and judges, and other industry players to share and discuss the challenges and potentials of cultivating high quality lowland coffee, at the same time, offer the opportunity for those in various points of the coffee industry to network.

6 & 7 APRIL 2019

Borneo is right in the centre region of the coffee belt where temperatures are best suited for coffee cultivation. However, its fertile soil was never recognised for growing coffee. And despite the staggering amount of local coffee consumption, Most Malaysians associate coffee with their high-volume neighbours such as Sumatra and Vietnam without realising that coffee is growing in their homeland. In fact, Borneo has some of the most exotic coffees found in the midst of the rainforests. The rare species Liberica, for instance, has been flourishing and expanded into different varieties that the world had never seen or tasted. At the Stuttgart Coffee Symposium earlier this year, coffee experts from all around Europe gathered and tasted Liberica varieties from Borneo for the first time and most were surprised by the amazing fruitiness the coffee exhibited in the cup.

Greatly inspired by the coffees symposium in Stuttgart, Germany, we decided to hold our own coffee symposium, one to show the world that Borneo has something to offer to the global coffee industry. We believe in the agricultural potentials of coffee here, and how it could be one of the answers to sustainability issues coffee farmers are facing around the world. If you are in the coffee industry and want to learn more about the very ingredient that fuels the business, how to better harness and support the source of supply and find new possibilities in product develops, then this is the event not to be missed!

In our line of speakers are coffee experts from all around the world. From renowned coffee scientists to experienced coffee farmers and estate owners who all share one purpose in what they do: improve coffee quality in the cup and make it sustainable. We need a movement to push for awareness of what they are fighting for, and this symposium will be the platform just for that, you will be learning and connecting with these coffee professionals, and maybe find your place in the bigger picture of coffee.


– Dr. Steffen Schwarz
– Jacob Mammen
– Andres Quintanilla
– Dr. Kenny Lee Wee Ting
– Tsai Chih-Yu (Yuing)
– Bryan Liew
– Dr. Ma. Carmen Ablan Lagman
– Dr. Ruel Mojica
– Dr. Maurin Cornuz
– Dr. Franca Cole
– Dr. Bertha Chin
– Raine Melissa Riman
– Dr. Mohd Effendi Wasli
– Kanya Yonnameth

More informations and registration: 

Borneo Coffee Symposium | Location:  Kuching Old Courthouse 7, Jalan Barrack, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia | Contact:, Tel: +60 11 1003 1208 

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