Borneo Coffee Symposium and Education for Coffee Farmers in Sabah

Artikel vom 23. April 2019

Borneo Coffee Symposium and Education for Coffee Farmers in Sabah

The Borneo Coffee Symposium was a very eye opening and meaningful event organised by Earthlings Workshop and Malaysia Coffeology Collective. It was great to see every participant came with so much knowledge and experience of the specialty coffee industry.

Their passion about coffee is so intense and listening to them speak from their experience is just as addictive as caffeine. We realised how important this moment was and we therefore took the opportunity to invite some speakers and friends to visit our highland coffee farms in Sabah with the purpose of understanding our local coffee potential, while finding ways to improve the quality and educating our farmers.

So here we are as we brought our specialty friends to visit a few coffee growers and their respective coffee farms…

On behalf of Sabarica and all our farmers, I must say it is certainly an honour to have Dr. Steffen Schwarz, founder of Coffee Consulate, Andrès Quintanilla, a fantastic coffee farmer from Finca La Buena Esperanza, El Salvador, Dr. Kenny Lee Wee Ting & Raven Kwok from Earthlings Coffee Workshop to be with us and sharing their knowledge on coffee growing & processing of some of the best coffees in the world.

I find that they are true coffee ambassadors in the coffee world as they spoke and shared to us about:
a) growing methods that fully utilises nature’s gifts that are able to maximise coffee production
b) pruning techniques that can minimise death rate of coffee trees
c) coffee blossom seasons and the needed micro climatic environment in producing the highest quality cherries
d) weed control, trees as shades, shrubs for nutrients, natural pest control and many methods to solve the problems faced by our farmers.

As we have only just begun our journey in finding perfection for our local specialty coffee, we are always looking forward to more of such contributions in this difficult industry as we continue to explore better ways to help many of our single origin coffee growers in producing the highest quality specialty coffee.

A big thanks and huge appreciation to these kind experts whom are our friends from Germany, Sarawak and El Salvador; from Sabarica Coffee and our highland coffee farmers.


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